Logic challenge: Put your IQ to the test and see which cup of coffee fills up first!


Today, we invite you to exercise your mind with a logic challenge that’s all the rage on social networks and puzzle forums.

The puzzle in question tests your ability to anticipate and analyze a complex situation: a series of coffee cups arranged to be filled by a network of intertwined water pipes.

But beware, some of the pipes are blocked! Will you be able to discern which route the water will take and which cup will fill first?

Take a moment to observe the picture carefully, use your logic and embark on the exciting adventure of visual puzzles!

Logic challenge: Put your IQ to the test and see which cup of coffee fills up first!
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Take up the challenge: which cup will fill up first?

To solve this riddleit is essential to scrutinize the image with the utmost attention and concentration.

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There are several cups of coffee in front of you, but only one will be the first to fill up. Beware, the image may conceal subtle traps designed to deceive your eye.

So don’t be rushed by an obvious answer, and examine every detail carefully before coming to a conclusion. A clue to the complexity of the challenge is provided by the difficulty slider visible on the image. Good luck in your quest for the first coffee!

The importance of logic tests and mathematical puzzles

Logic tests and mathematical puzzles are not just entertaining pastimes; they play a crucial role in the development of cognitive skills.

By challenging our reasoning abilities, these exercises sharpen our minds and may even reveal aspects of our intelligence, as suggested by IQ.

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But beyond this measure, regular logical problem-solving prepares the individual to tackle complex everyday situations with greater ease.

From effective planning to making critical decisions, these skills are transferable and valuable in different contexts of life.

Solving the puzzle

Through the prism of puzzles and riddles, we come to the end of this particularly popular challenge. These intellectual puzzles offer stimulating cerebral gymnastics and are highly acclaimed by a growing community of aficionados.

They force the mind to venture off the beaten track and explore the most creative corners of logical thinking.

To all those who managed to avoid the traps and find the right answer, well done! We salute your perspicacity.

As for the rest of you, don’t give up: each riddle is a new opportunity to unleash the spark of genius that lies dormant within you.

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The solution is: cup no. 2


Congratulations to those who successfully unraveled the strings of this challenge! Continue to nourish your spirit by taking on other challenges on our website.

And for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, remember that failure is just one step on the road to success.

Practice and perseverance will make you invincible in the face of the next riddles that cross your path. Keep going, your brain will thank you!

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