Logic test: Boost your IQ by finding out which glass will fill up first!


Welcome to the logic challenge of the day, a captivating trend that’s captivating curious minds around the world.

Today, we bring you a visual puzzle intriguing: among a set of glasses linked by a complex network of pipes, your mission is to determine which glass will fill up first.

But beware, there are traps in the picture – some of the pipes are subtly obstructed. This type of challenge stimulates thinking, sharpens perception and sharpens the ability to quickly identify key information.

So take a close look at the picture, analyze the juice pathways and find out if you can solve this clever puzzle.

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Logic test: Boost your IQ by finding out which glass fills up first!

Take the challenge: Find out which glass will fill up first!

Are you ready to put your powers of observation to the test? In front of you is a mysterious picture of several glasses connected by a network of pipes.

Your mission is to determine precisely which glass will fill first. Don’t be fooled by appearances, as there may well be traps hidden to divert your attention.

Be meticulous and concentrate on every detail of the image. Also, keep an eye on the difficulty slider shown on the image to estimate the level of difficulty. challenge. Can you solve the riddle?

The benefits of logic tests and math puzzles

Logic tests and mathematical puzzles are more than just a hobby; they’re a real brain workout.

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Regular practice stimulates thinking, develops problem-solving skills and sharpens critical thinking.

It’s no coincidence that these exercises are often associated with intelligence quotient (IQ) estimates, as they reflect certain cognitive abilities.

In everyday life, these skills are essential: they enable us to approach complex situations methodically, optimize decision-making and strengthen our mental agility in the face of everyday challenges.

Solving the riddle

Puzzles like these are a big hit with puzzle enthusiasts, stimulating the mind and offering a sense of accomplishment once solved. They’re a fun and rewarding way to get your brain working.

To those who have deciphered this riddle, congratulations on your insight! For the rest of you, don’t be discouraged.

Every unsolved problem is a new learning opportunity. Continue to challenge yourself with other puzzles by visiting our website to sharpen your mind and strengthen your thinking skills.

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The solution is: glass n°6


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