Logic test: Can you help Ellen find out who owns the yacht in under 60 seconds?


As for any other test observation, you’ll need excellent reasoning and analytical skills to pass this one.

If you have these qualities, helping Ellen find the yacht’s owner will be a breeze.

This littlet challenge will not only help you prove your worth, but also stimulate your intellectual skills. When you’re ready to play, take a look at the image below.

Solving the logic test: what you need to do to help Ellen

This intellectual challenge simply involves looking at the picture to help Ellen work out who the owner of the yacht in the background is. In the picture, you can actually see her talking to two men. One of them owns the boat in question.

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To find the right answer, you’ll need to use your logical sense and scrutinize every detail of the picture. There’s a clue that will lead you to the solution.

Please note, however, that you only have 60 seconds to discover the man in question. So keep your wits about you and think carefully.

IQ and logic tests: for fun and to sharpen your mind

Finding the answer to this kind of intellectual challenge kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it’s a fun way to forget your daily routine for a while. On the other hand, it’s a way of stimulating your cognitive abilities.

Solving these logic tests also helps develop creativity, analytical thinking and reasoning. By improving your mental skills, you also perfect your memory. This, in turn, strengthens your concentration and problem-solving skills on all levels.

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Logic test solution: were you able to identify the yacht’s owner?

Passing this IQ test depends solely on your powers of observation and logic. These skills are crucial in determining who owns the boat. You had to scrutinize the image carefully, reviewing the two men at the yacht.

If you open your eye, you’ll notice that there’s a blue jacket in the boat that matches the pants of the man on the left. You can deduce that this man is the real owner of the yacht.

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If you’ve managed to correctly identify the owner within the allotted time, you can be proud of yourself.

If not, think of it as an opportunity to have fun and push your reasoning limits.

Remember that taking this kind of logic test regularly can help you improve your cognitive ability.

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