Math challenge: Test your IQ with this lightning puzzle! Solve it in under 35 seconds!


Welcome to the challenging universe of challenges mathematical challenges, where every day challenges us to push back the limits of our logical reasoning.

Today, we present a riddle that seems simple at first glance: 2+2(2+2*0)+2*0. However, it hides a potential trap that tests your understanding of the fundamental rules of arithmetic.

Maths challenge: Test your IQ with this lightning puzzle! Solve it in under 35 seconds!

Your mission, if you accept it, is to solve this equation in less than 35 seconds.

The riddles are often used in IQ tests to assess the speed and accuracy of logical thinking.

These challenges have grown in popularity, particularly on social networks, where they capture the attention of Internet users in search of intelligent, educational entertainment. Get ready, sharpen your mind, and let the thinking begin!

Dear fans of intellectual challenges, a unique puzzle awaits us. To solve it, we need to double our attention and sharpen our powers of observation.

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Concentration will be our best ally in this quest for a solution. It’s essential to think differently, to stray from familiar paths and adopt an innovative perspective.

Open-mindedness and creativity are the keys to unlocking the secrets of this challenge. Prepare to plunge into a world where only the ingenious triumph.

The ingenuity challenge

It’s essential to mobilize our minds and use our creativity to triumph over a puzzle. Indeed, every challenge of this kind is a call to explore innovative solutions, to think outside the box, and to consider the pieces from different angles.

To do this, we need to sharpen our focus, carefully observe every element that comes our way, and concentrate all our mental energy on the task.

It’s by fully immersing ourselves and resisting distraction that we’ll be able to assemble all the parts of the challenge and savor the satisfaction of a solved puzzle.

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We need to be patient, persevering and strategic, so that our success is not the result of chance, but of thorough, methodical thought.

Waiting is often a test of patience, but when it comes to solving an exciting challenge, anticipation only increases the excitement.

We’ve seen an unprecedented wave of popularity for this type of challenge on social networks, particularly on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where millions of users are playing along, sharing their thoughts and solutions.

To make it easier to understand, we’ve added an image below that clearly illustrates the solution. This way, even the most impatient can tackle the challenge with equanimity.

The key to the puzzle

Our warmest congratulations to those who found the answer in under 35 seconds.

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Your quick thinking and mathematical acuity are impressive! The first thing to do in these examples is to start solving with the actions in brackets.

First, multiply: 2 * 0 = 0. Then add: 2 + 0 = 2. Then multiply what you get in brackets by the number in front of them: 2 * 2 = 4.

Then the addition at the beginning of the example: 2 + 4 = 6. The last action doesn’t make sense, as we’ll end up with 0. Therefore, the solution to the problem is 6.


If you’ve solved the equation 2+2(2+2*0)+2*0 and arrived at the result of 6, you’ve brilliantly met the challenge.

We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as the online community did. Keep taking on these challenges to sharpen your mind!

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