Math riddle: Will your IQ shine by removing 4 matches in under 30 seconds? Take up the challenge!


In the world of challenges intellectual challenges, tests and puzzles play a key role in stimulating the brain and sharpening the mind. These cerebral exercises are often imbued with subtlety, inviting reflection and mental agility.

Today, we are faced with a seemingly simple equation: 3×9=39. However, this statement is incorrect and the puzzle is to find the flaw in less than 30 seconds.

Maths riddle: Will your IQ shine when you remove 4 matches in under 30 seconds? Take up the challenge!

This kind of challenge, which tests our logic and speed of thought, is very popular on social networks, where it attracts crowds eager to test their ingenuity.

Today’s challenge propels us into the world of puzzles, those tests that challenge our perception and critical thinking.

The key to solving this puzzle lies in patience and concentration. Appearances are often deceptive, so a good observer will be able to spot the hidden subtleties.

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It’s essential to think differently, to go beyond the obvious solutions and tread uncharted paths. The trick lies in our ability to see beyond the conventional and manipulate elements with ingenuity.

The riddle of the matches

Faced with this new challenge, we’re faced with a complex visual equation. The goal is simple in theory, but requires extraordinary thinking: we need to remove four matches to rectify the equation.

Each move must be precisely calculated, as only a few combinations will lead to the correct solution. It’s a test of ingenuity, a mind game that defies our usual logic. Be prepared to think outside the box, because only original thinking will lead you to victory.

To triumph in an intellectual challenge that tests our logic and ingenuity, it’s crucial to constantly stimulate our minds and nurture our creativity.

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We need patience and careful observation to understand the complex structure of the problem before us. Concentrating fully on the task, without distraction, is an art that takes time to master.

It’s by looking beyond appearances and daring to explore different avenues that we can unlock the hidden mechanisms behind this conceptual puzzle and savour the pleasure of success.

Patience, they say, is a virtue. And in the case of our latest viral challenge, it’s also the path to revelation.

The riddle, which captured the attention of thousands of Internet users, spread like wildfire on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, arousing admiration and bewilderment.

Comments fly, theories collide, but the solution remains veiled in a veil of mystery… until now. Take a look at the image below to discover the long-awaited explanation. We salute those who cracked this secret in record time!

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Deciphering the enigma

If you’re one of those who found that 7×5 = 35 in less than 30 seconds, we offer you our warmest congratulations! Your powers of deduction are remarkable, and your quick thinking deserves to be celebrated.

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Keep sharpening your wits with these challenges, which we hope will bring a little fun and stimulation to your everyday life. Well done!

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