Mathematical riddle: will you know what the missing value is?


Lovers of riddles and challenges difficult? Immerse yourself in this mathematical box. It’s designed to satisfy your innate passion for puzzles!

Put your mental skills to the test with this complex challenge that promises to stimulate your thinking.

Take the time to look carefully at the image below, and get started when you’re ready. Patience and insight will be your allies. The answer will be revealed at the end of this adventure. So, are you ready to kiss this challenge?

How does the challenge work?

Mathematical puzzles are as complex as they are captivating. In the following challenge, the mystery surrounding the digital box invites you to explore an infinite number of possible solutions.

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In fact, the image shows a box filled with numbers, with a vacant space to intrigue. The objective? Find the missing value in this puzzle.

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To solve this riddle, it’s important to explore the potential relationships between the numbers, spot patterns, and be bold in your thinking.

The beauty of this challenge lies in the intellectual stimulation it provides. It encourages everyone to push themselves, to push the limits of the brain, to become even smarter.

What’s the point of this challenge?

More than just entertainment, riddles are also excellent exercises to stimulate your brain.

By solving them, you improve your problem-solving skills, strengthen your logical thinking and develop greater concentration.

So puzzles are about more than just fun; they make your brain smarter.

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These are powerful tools for intense cognitive training. They enable you to cultivate essential mental skills. What’s more, every puzzle you solve is a victory for your intelligence. It transcends mundane pastimes to bring lasting benefits to your brain function.

Some useful tips

To solve this puzzle, start by scrutinizing the numbers. Look meticulously for patterns or relationships between them.

If you reach an impasse, give yourself a break, take a deep breath, then recommit yourself to the resolution.

Puzzles are designed to be a stimulating challenge rather than a source of frustration.

This mental exercise requires a thoughtful approach, and sometimes clarity emerges after a moment’s hindsight. By adopting a patient, persevering attitude, you’ll be better prepared.

The answer

Never forget that the aim is not only to find the answer, but also to have fun and improve your thinking skills.

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Multiply 1x4x7= 28 and do the same for the other two columns.

So 2x5x8=40 and 3x6x9=162, the missing number is 162.

If you haven’t figured out what the missing number is, see the solution there in the image below.

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Invite your friends to join in the fun.

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