Maths challenge: Boost your IQ by moving just 2 matches! Can you win in under 20 seconds?


Welcome today a cerebral challenge that will test your intellectual agility. We are faced with a seemingly erroneous equation: 1 – 1 = 9.

At first glance, this assertion defies elementary mathematical rules. Vur mission, if you accept it, is to rectify this anomaly in less than 20 seconds.

Maths Challenge: Boost your IQ by moving just 2 matches! Can you win in under 20 seconds?

The tests and puzzles like this one play a key role in assessing our logic and problem-solving skills.

These mental stimuli are not only a way of sharpening the mind, they’ve also become viral phenomena on social platforms, where millions of Internet users measure themselves against various challenges. Ready to take up the challenge?

Today we have a puzzle that will test your visual acuity and powers of concentration. This challenge is not for minds that are content to follow the crowd; you have to dare to think differently, to think outside the box, in order to overcome it.

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Perseverance and careful observation are your best allies in this quest for a solution. Be prepared to manipulate the elements of this challenge in ways that may initially seem counter-intuitive. Are you up to the challenge?

The match riddle

To solve today’s riddle, we’re faced with a peculiar equation in which the numbers are represented by matchsticks. The aim is apparently simple, but requires some clever can only move two matches to make the equation correct.

Any stroke of genius is allowed, as long as the rule is respected. So concentrate and let your creativity find the way to solve this burning puzzle!

It’s essential to remember that to triumph in solving a puzzle, it’s imperative to engage our minds and our creativity. Every challenge of this kind is an invitation to explore the limits of our ingenuity and deploy innovative strategies.

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To achieve this, we need to sharpen our observation skills, as crucial clues are often hidden in the subtlest details. Unwavering concentration is also essential, enabling us to maintain our focus and avoid being distracted by false leads.

By cultivating these skills, we set ourselves up not only to succeed, but also to enjoy the full satisfaction of solving an intellectual challenge.

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to solving challenges that fire the imagination of the general public on social platforms.

This particular puzzle found its way to digital stardom, with glowing mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, capturing the attention of millions of users. We salute those who let their minds wander, seeking clarity amid the suspense.

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To light the way, we’ve included an explanatory image just below. Remember, the greatest revelations deserve their moment of reflection.

Deciphering the riddle

Congratulations to all those who have unraveled this intellectual knot in less than 20 seconds! You’ve proved that sometimes, the simplest solutions are right in front of our eyes. Indeed, 1 + 1 = 2.


A timeless classic that, despite its apparent simplicity, continues to test our perception and quick thinking. Well done for unravelling the mystery with such acuity!

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