Maths challenge: Put your IQ to the test with this quick equation to solve in under 35 seconds!


In the stimulating world of intellectual challenges, we often come across equations that test our mental agility. Today, we take a look at the riddle of the day: solve the following operation in less than 35 seconds : 6 – 1 * 0 + 2/2.

These mathematical puzzles are in the tradition of the IQ tests and logic puzzles, designed to assess speed of thought, understanding of mathematical principles and ability to apply the rules of order of operations.

Mathematical challenge: Put your IQ to the test with this quick equation to be solved in under 35 seconds!
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With the advent of social networking, such challenges have become extremely popular, engaging millions of users in search of intellectual entertainment and friendly competition. So, are you up for the challenge?

The time has come to present a captivating puzzle, a challenge that will test your visual acuity and thinking skills.

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To triumph, it’s not enough just to look; you have to observe carefully, scrutinizing every detail. Concentration is the key we need to channel all our attention into deciphering the subtle clues lurking in this challenge.

And don’t forget: the most obvious solutions are sometimes dead ends. To solve this puzzle, we need to think differently, explore new avenues and dare to think outside the box.

The puzzle to be solved

To overcome this captivating challenge, we need to mobilize our minds and our creativity. The trick lies in our ability to observe each element in detail, to detect the subtle links that escape us at first glance.

Concentration is our most faithful ally It enables us to plunge into a state of intense focus, where solutions gradually begin to emerge from the apparent chaos.

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By allowing ourselves to be guided by our intuition and logic, we can unravel the threads of this complex challenge and savor the victory.

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to challenges that fire the imagination of Internet users. In recent times, a particular mathematical puzzle has generated a phenomenal buzz on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, provoking a whirlwind of reactions and comments.

We know the wait can be maddening, but the time for unveiling is approaching. To clarify the solution, we’ve included an explanatory image just below. Before you rush in, take a moment to reflect, because the satisfaction of finding the answer for yourself is incomparable.

The key to the riddle revealed

Our warmest congratulations to those who cracked the secret of our challenge in under 35 seconds!

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If you’ve unraveled the threads of this riddle to find that 6 – 1 * 0 + 2/2 = 6 – 0 + 1 equals 7, then you’ve got some pretty nimble brains on your hands.

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Your triumph is all the sweeter for being one of an elite group of fast solvers who stand out in the virtual social sphere. Congratulations!

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