Observation test: Do you have excellent vision? Prove it by solving this 15-second riddle.


Do you think you have perfect vision? If you doubt it, here’s a test to measure your visual acuity.

What’s more, it also offers an opportunity to develop your problem-solving skills. Prepare yourself well, as this is an exercise requiring concentration and insight.

Visual test: “Find the number 648 in under 15 seconds”.

Your mission is to spot an intruder hidden in the image below. It features a series of numbers 640, into which the number 648 has crept. You have 15 seconds to try to find it without anyone’s help.

The pressure of time can make the challenge more difficult, but keep calm and concentrate on the details of the image.

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Do you need a tip? By subdividing the picture into smaller sections, you turn it into a series of puzzles that are easier to observe.

You’ll be able to spot the intruder piece by piece. This technique is used by thousands of people in this type of work. visual puzzles. But if you have another solving strategy, you can use yours and see if it’s the best.


Ready, set, watch!

IQ Test: The right answer

Can you distinguish between the numbers 648 and 640?

If you have, it means you have excellent vision and a sharp, responsive mind.

In fact, only people with good eyesight and a remarkable speed of analysis and reflection have managed to unravel this rather difficult visual riddle.

Share your visual puzzle-solving tips with your mentally challenged friends and see who can master this strategy with flying colors. Let them test your approach with our visual tests.

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If you couldn’t find the right answer, it means you need to work on your visual acuity and sense of detail to improve your vision. Discover the solution to today’s riddle below.

The solution

The number 648 is located in the second column from your right and in the second row. In fact, those who failed had trouble distinguishing the 0 from the 8.


If this is your case, consider doing regular visual exercises to improve your visual capacity and train your mind to be and faster.

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