Observation test: Identify the intruder among these girls in 15 seconds if you’re a keen observer!


Are you a fan of brain challenges of all kinds? Here’s a real visual test that requires good visual acuity and concentration!

Pluschallenge is made even more difficult by the time limit. Only geniuses and the best observers will be able to solve it within the allotted time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to perform a fun experiment that’s just as rewarding for your brain.

Indeed, this visual challenge will test your thinking skills and your ability to spot the slightest anomaly. And above all, don’t forget to enjoy this stimulating activity!

Visual test: “One of these girls doesn’t belong to this group. Which one is she?”

Look closely at the image below for 15 seconds and quickly identify the girl who doesn’t look like the others.

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Our tip: look at the picture from different angles and play with perspective. Changing your point of view can reveal new details.


Now it’s your turn to play!

IQ Test: The right answer

Your 15 seconds are up and have you passed today’s visual test? That means your powers of observation are excellent.

If you were unable to meet the challenge, don’t be discouraged – this is a skill that can be worked on and developed.

To stimulate your visual skills, solve visual puzzles and make them your favorite pastime! They stimulate your eyesight and improve your concentration, memory and speed of thought.

Discover the solution to this visual puzzle below.

The solution

All the girls in this picture have the same hair style, except for one who is in the third row in second position from the left.

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Were you able to spot this detail in less than 15 seconds? Congratulations! This difference was difficult to find, but you managed it in a very short space of time.

Which means you’re a very detail-oriented and perceptive person to have seen such an anomaly. You’re a good observer!

Would you like to take on more fun challenges like this? If so, take a look around our website. And don’t hesitate to invite your friends to join in the fun!

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