Observation test: If you have a good eye, find out which of these pears has no binoculars in 10 seconds!


Do you know the famous visual game The “seek and find” game we give children to stimulate their visual abilities?

The test that we’ve reserved for you today is a bit like this activity, except that we’ve made it more adult-friendly and more challenging, with an imposed time limit.

But just like this children’s entertainment, this visual challenge tests and trains your visual acuity, memory and sense of observation.

There’s no better way to test your eyesight and have fun at the same time! Are you up for it? First, find out what this test before you start!

Visual riddle: “Which pear has no binomial in this picture?”

According to an Albanian proverb: “The pear ripens by looking at the other pear”, one might think that pears grow and ripen in pairs.

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And if we continue with this logic, these two pears are like identical twins. In fact, that’s what the image below proves.

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Each of these pears has a binomial, a twin that resembles it like two drops of water, except for one. Your challenge today is to spot in just 10 secondswhich of the pears in the picture doesn’t have a double.

To get the most out of this visual test, start by concentrating on the image and its details.

Once your eyes are focused on those pears, you’re ready to start your stopwatch.

Good luck!

Visual test: The right answer

Now that the 10-second time limit has elapsed, you can discover the solution to this visual riddle below.

The solution

The only pear in this picture without a twin is the one with the happy expression. It’s in the second row on the right.

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Did you give the right answer in 10 seconds? Congratulations! If not, you’ve failed today’s visual test. But don’t be satisfied with this result.

You can prove that you have excellent vision by taking on another such challenge. Why not try one of the fun visual puzzles on our site? Or invite your friends and family to join you.

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