Personality test: Are you a solar person or a space person? Find out the answer


Personality tests are fascinating tools for understanding our personality traits.

Through this testexplore the facets of your character and discover which element you associate with. These assessments can reveal unexpected aspects of our identity.

Personality test: Are you a sunny or spacey person? Discover the answer

Discover your solar essence through the Anthropomorphic sun

Those of you who were first seduced by the radiance of the anthropomorphic sun embody a radiant solar personality. You’re a person of contagious energy and vitality who lights up those around you.

Like the sun that never stops shining, you possess an inner strength and confidence that inspires trust and admiration.

Your optimism is unwavering, and you have the ability to see the bright side even in dark times.

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A born leader, you naturally draw others to you, offering warmth and encouragement. Your existence is guided by passion and joie de vivre; you are truly the embodiment of sunshine in the daily lives of everyone you meet.

You and the planetary ring: a cosmically attracted nature

If your gaze was first captivated by the allure of the planetary ringyou reveal personality traits deeply rooted in curiosity and exploration.

You’re the kind of person who’s constantly on the lookout for new things, ready to plunge into the unknown to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Your spatial personality indicates a dreamy temperament, often lost in thought, contemplating the multiple possibilities that the universe holds.

You favor reflection and introspection, finding in solitude moments conducive to personal fulfillment. Patience is one of your virtues, and you have a methodical approach to challenges, similar to that of a scientist deciphering celestial mysteries.

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Did you know? Pierre Marty, pioneer of psychosomatics

Pierre Marty (1918-1993) was a French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, considered one of the pioneers of modern psychosomatics.

Born in Paris, he played a crucial role in the recognition of the importance of psychic factors in somatic diseases. After graduating in medicine, he specialized in psychiatry and became a member of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris.

In the course of his career, Marty developed the notion of psychosomatic organization, which refers to the way in which individuals organize their internal experiences and conflicts, and how this can influence their physical health.

He founded the Institut de Psychosomatique in Paris, where he worked with several colleagues to deepen knowledge of the links between body and mind. A highlight of his work is his theory of psychic operations, which describe the process by which thoughts and emotions can be converted into physical symptoms.

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This theory is central to the field of psychosomatics, and continues to influence the way health professionals understand and treat illnesses linked to stress and emotional conflict.

Marty has also been recognized for his significant contributions to the understanding of disorders such as peptic ulcer, asthma, and certain forms of allergy as being influenced by psychological factors.

And so, the journey through your inner cosmos comes to an end! Thank you for exploring with us whether you’re a shining star or a mysterious comet.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow on our website for a new test.

Share this stellar test with your friends and keep in mind that it’s all in fun – no rocket scientist can certify these results!

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