Personality test: Discover your level of loyalty – Are you the loyal companion your friends think you are?


Personality tests offer a fascinating mirror through which to reflect on our personal traits.

The test loyalty personality test questions a crucial dimension of our relationships: are we really loyal in friendship? Through targeted questions, this test aims to assess our sincerity towards our friends.

Personality test: Discover your level of loyalty - Are you the loyal companion your friends think you are?
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Discover the meaning of the flower in your vision

If, during a visual test, the first image that catches your attention is that of a flowerThis can reveal a deeply empathetic and caring personality. You could be the kind of friend everyone wants to have around in difficult times.

Your loyalty isn’t measured in words but in deeds; you’re often the one who extends a hand without expecting a return. Your ability to see the beauty in the little things makes you an extraordinary confidant, because you know how to value the details that matter to your friends and thus strengthen the bonds of the heart.

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The mystery revealed by the eye

It’s often said that the eye is the mirror of the soul. If the first thing you look at is a eyeThis could mean that you have a keen sense of perception and a knack for deciphering hidden emotions.

In friendship, this translates into unfailing loyalty; you know when your friends need you without them having to say so.

However, this acuity can sometimes make you distrustful, because you don’t give your trust easily. You are loyal, but only if your loyalty is reciprocated. You protect those close to you with fervor and ensure that relationships remain sincere and transparent.

Did you know?

Édouard Pichon (June 24, 1890 – December 17, 1940) was a French physician, psychoanalyst and linguist. He played a significant role in the introduction and development of psychoanalysis in France. A pioneer in his field, he was one of the co-founders of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris (SPP) in 1926.

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An outstanding feature of his work is his involvement in the question of the use of the French language in psychoanalytic practice. Pichon was a fervent advocate of the importance of the mother tongue in the analytic process.

He argued for the use of French rather than German (the main language of early psychoanalytic work with Freud) in analytic sessions in France, claiming that this had a direct influence on transference and on the analytic work itself.

This position underlines the importance he attributed to the linguistic and cultural dimension in psychoanalytic treatment.

Thank you for exploring the meanders of your friendly loyalty with us! See you tomorrow on our website for a new introspective adventure.

Feel free to share this little moment of fun with your pals. And remember, it’s all in good fun, with no scientific pretensions!

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