Personality test: Find out how resilient you are to rejection with our in-depth assessment!


Personality tests are designed to reveal an individual’s characteristic traits. Among them, some assess the ability to handle rejection.

This type of test can help us to understand how we react to disapproval or failure, and to work on emotional resilience.

Personality test: Discover your resilience threshold in the face of rejection with our in-depth assessment!
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When the horse gallops inside you: Resilience and independence

If, at first glance, you have discerned a horseyour personality could radiate quiet strength.

Individuals who perceive the horse above all other elements tend to possess an independent nature and are often seen as pillars of stability.

This perception may suggest an ability to withstand rejection with grace, because like a free horse, you don’t easily let obstacles get in the way.

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You prefer to gallop through the meadows of life, confident in your direction, while remaining attentive to the needs of those around you.

The horseman in you: Control and leadership in the face of rejection

Having first glimpsed a rider reveals an interesting facet of your character. It could indicate that you’re someone who likes to take the reins, direct and control situations.

In the face of rejection, you probably use this inner strength to hold your head high and keep moving forward.

You’re not afraid of making unpopular decisions if they’re in line with your principles. Your ability to endure rejection is thus linked to your desire for leadership and your confidence in your own decisions, even if they are not always welcomed by others.

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Did you know?

Jean Bergeret (1932-2006) was a French psychologist and psychoanalyst. He is known for his work on the theory of neurosis and his interest in the psychosomatic dimensions of illness.

Bergeret made a significant contribution to the understanding of personality structure in psychoanalysis, notably by developing the concept of mixed structure, which goes beyond the traditional classification into neurosis, psychosis and perversion.

A career highlight is his book La violence fondamentale: l’inépuisable Œdipe, published in 1984. In it, he explores in depth the roots of human violence, linking its origins to the very structure of the personality and early object relations.

This perspective has had an impact on the field of psychoanalysis, enriching discussions on the sources of aggression in human development.

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Thank you for exploring your resistance to rejection with our little test! If you smiled or frowned, please share this experience with your friends.

Don’t forget, it’s all in good fun and with no scientific pretensions. See you tomorrow on our website for a new introspective adventure!

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