Personality test: Find out if you’re an ethereal visionary or a down-to-earth realist!


Personality test is a fascinating tool for understanding ourselves and exploring aspects of our character.

Among them this test which sheds light on how we interact with the world around us.

Personality test: Find out if you're an ethereal visionary or a down-to-earth realist!

When the heart reveals your essence: Are you a dreamer?

If, in the image presented, you have discerned a heart in the first place, you incline towards the dreamer’s personality.

You are someone whose life is often tinged with idealism and deep emotions. Your inner world is rich and vibrant, populated by desires and aspirations that often transcend tangible reality.

You have a remarkable ability to feel intensely and express your love and compassion for others. You may be guided more by your feelings than by cold logic, making you an empathetic and intuitive individual.

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However, it’s crucial to find the right balance so as not to lose yourself in the twists and turns of the imagination.

The all-seeing eye: A realistic look at life

Those who have seen an eye in the first place are often people grounded in reality. Your perception of the world is sharp and clear, based on what is observable and measurable.

You prefer solid foundations to Spanish castles, and your pragmatic approach serves you well in day-to-day decisions.

You trust the obvious rather than the hypothetical, which can make you an excellent critic or analyst.

Dreams have their place, but do not dominate your existence; you know when to be down-to-earth. Your strength lies in your ability to face reality squarely, while keeping an eye open for concrete opportunities.

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Did you know?

Françoise Dolto (1908-1988) was a French child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, renowned for her work on child psychosis and child education. She left her mark on the 20th century through her writings and her stance in favor of a better understanding of the child psyche.

Born in Paris into a bourgeois family, Françoise Dolto studied medicine before turning to psychiatry. She met Jacques Lacan and was influenced by the work of Sigmund Freud, which led her to specialize in child psychoanalysis.

One of the highlights of her work was the creation of La Maison Verte in 1979. La Maison Verte is a place for young children accompanied by an adult (parent, grandparent, nanny), where they can play and interact with other children and adults in a space designed to encourage their development and independence.

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This innovative structure is based on the idea that toddlers need a transitional space between home and school, where they can be listened to and supported in their development.

The creation of the Maison Verte was a concrete response to the needs of urban families, and has inspired many other similar facilities in France and abroad.

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