Personality test: Find out if you’re an over-thinker who gets lost in his own thoughts!


Personality test explores the intricacies of our psyche, seeking to reveal our characteristic traits. Among them, some reveal a propensity for overthinking.

These psychological assessments, though varied, have in common the aim of better understanding us and identifying our behavioral tendencies.

Personality test: Find out if you're an over-thinker who gets lost in the meanders of your thoughts!

Did you spot the head first? Find out what it reveals!

If, during our test, your first glance landed on a headThis could mean that you’re a person who prefers reflection and analysis. You may have a tendency to over-analyze situations, weighing each decision carefully before taking action.

Your critical mind is sharp, and you don’t give way easily to impulsiveness. However, this habit of always thinking things through can sometimes lead to indecision or a certain form of analytical paralysis.

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If you recognize yourself in this description, being aware of this tendency is the first step towards finding a balance between reflection and action.

Is your first choice a tree? Here’s what your selection suggests about you.

When thetree immediately attracts your attention in our test, it may indicate that you’re a grounded and pragmatic person. You have your feet firmly planted on the ground and an ability to appreciate structure and stability in your life.

However, this inclination for the concrete can sometimes turn into excessive rumination on practical details, preventing a broader vision of possibilities.

You may benefit from letting go of certain aspects to allow your creativity and intuition to blossom further. Recognizing this tendency to overthink can be an asset in balancing your thoughts with a more spontaneous approach.

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Did you know?

Born March 1, 1903 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France, died February 21, 1979, Maryse Choisy was a French writer, journalist and psychoanalyst. An eclectic figure in the first half of the 20th century, she left her mark on her era through her commitment to a wide range of intellectual and social issues.

A highlight of her career was her founding of the Psyché movement in 1945, which aimed to reconcile psychoanalysis and spirituality. This movement reflected Maryse Choisy’s particular interest in interdisciplinary approaches and her desire to integrate psychoanalysis with other forms of spiritual thought and practice.

Choisy is also known for her non-conformist positions. In the 1930s, she published a provocative book entitled Un Mois chez les Hommes, in which she described a month-long experience spent in a male monastery, disguised as a man.

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This daring experiment testifies to her willingness to explore uncharted territory both socially and psychologically, as well as her questioning of the gender norms of her time.

And that’s it! Thank you for playing along and exploring the intricacies of your thinking. We hope you had as much fun answering the questions as a kitten playing with a ball of yarn.

Share this fun-filled moment with your friends, and don’t forget to check back with us tomorrow on our website for a new test that’s sure to tickle your curiosity! Remember, these questions are for smiles and self-discovery, with no scientific pretensions. See you soon!

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