Personality test: Snake or ear? An answer to your character that’s sure to surprise you.


Personality tests abound, promising to reveal the deepest secrets of our character.

Among them, this test which stands out for its intriguing approach, offering surprising revelations that can challenge our own perception of ourselves.

Personality test: Snake or ear? An answer to your character that's sure to amaze you.
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When the snake wraps itself around your personality

If, in our visual test, the image of the snake that first captured your attention, it reveals fascinating facets of your character. You’re a deeply intuitive and perceptive person, able to fathom the mysteries of life with remarkable acuity.

Like the serpent, an ancient symbol of transformation and renewal, you embrace change and adapt to varied situations with ease. Your analytical mind enables you to detect hidden truths where others see only illusion.

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This tendency to peer into the invisible suggests that you may have a natural interest in the occult sciences or psychology.

The attentive ear: Discover what it says about you

When theear is the first thing you notice, it indicates a personality that values communication and empathy above all else. You’re probably an excellent listener, always ready to lend an ear to your loved ones and provide unfailing moral support.

Your sensitivity to the nuances of language makes you a valued interlocutor, able to hear what’s not being said explicitly. This ability to listen actively is a valuable quality in all your social and professional relationships.

You could excel in jobs related to mediation or consulting, where your ability to understand and process verbal information is a notable asset.

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Did you know? A highlight of J.-D. Nasio’s career

Juan-David Nasio, better known as J.-D. Nasio, is a Franco-Argentinian psychoanalyst and writer born on November 14, 1942 in Rosario, Argentina. Trained in psychology and philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires, he moved to France in 1969, where he studied psychoanalysis with Jacques Lacan.

He soon became an active member of the École Freudienne de Paris, founded by Lacan. One of the highlights of his career was his role in spreading Lacanian psychoanalysis beyond the French-speaking world.

Nasio founded and directs the Psychoanalytic Seminar that bears his name, which has helped train many psychoanalysts around the world. His teaching work and writings have played a significant role in the transmission of Lacanian thought, notably through his books, which have been translated into several languages, bringing Lacanian concepts to a wider audience.

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And so the curtain falls on our little game of the day: snake or ear, who would have thought! Thank you so much for taking part and discovering this little secret of your personality. Don’t forget, we’ll be back tomorrow for a new introspective adventure on our website.

Invite your friends to try it out – the more the merrier! Please bear in mind that this is all in fun, and does not replace the advice of a shrink. See you soon for new revelations!

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