Personality test: what is the most important pillar in your relationships?


Exploring the mysteries of our personality can be a fascinating quest. Personality tests attempt to decipher our behavior and preferences, particularly in intimate spheres such as relationships.

Discover which essential pillar underpins your romantic interactions through a test revealing.

Personality test: what is the essential pillar in your love relationships?
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Dive into the depths of your heart: The shark as symbol

If, during a personality test, your gaze landed first on the majestic shark, this could indicate that you value the strength and the determination in your relationships.

Like this imposing predator of the seas, you’re not afraid to face challenges and protect what’s important to you.

You’re probably someone who prefers a relationship based on mutual respect and the ability to overcome obstacles together.

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You’re looking for a partner who’s equally bold and resilient, able to plunge into emotional depths without fear.

Discover the key to love: The leg as metaphor

The image of a leg that first captured your attention suggests that the central pillar of your love relationships is the movement and the progression. You see love as a constant journey, a road to travel together, with an ever-changing dynamic.

You aspire to a relationship that moves forward, that doesn’t stagnate and where every step counts. It’s essential for you to have a partner who shares your desire to move forward, explore new horizons and grow together. In love, you’re probably looking for constant evolution and shared adventure.

Did you know?

Pierre Marty was a French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, born on February 3, 1918 in Saint-Céré (Lot) and died on November 5, 1993 in Paris. He is considered one of the pioneers of psychosomatic studies in France.

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Marty played a crucial role in founding the École psychosomatique de Paris, where he developed an approach integrating psychoanalysis into the study of somatic diseases. A highlight of his career is his theory of evolutionary illness, which proposes that certain chronic diseases are influenced by psychological factors.

Marty observed that his patients with illnesses such as asthma, eczema or ulcers often shared common characteristics, such as difficulty expressing emotions or a tendency to experience stressful situations without reacting outwardly.

This observation led Marty and colleagues to develop the concept of operant thinking, an action-oriented, affect-free way of thinking that they identified in psychosomatic patients.

This contribution has significantly influenced the way health professionals consider the role of psychological factors in physical illness, underlining the importance of a holistic approach to medical treatment that takes into account not only the body but also the patient’s mind.

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Well, you’ve cracked the secret of your heart! Thank you for playing the game and exploring with us the foundations of your love relationships.

Don’t forget, tomorrow we’ll be back for another introspective journey on our website.

Invite your friends to discover their essential pillar, it promises to be a sparkling exchange! Remember, this is all in good fun – our little test is just for fun, with no scientific pretensions. See you all tomorrow!

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