Solve this visual puzzle in 20 seconds to boost your mathematical intelligence!


Test your math skills and have fun at the same time! challenge of the day ! What’s more, mathematical puzzles are more than just intellectual exercises.

They also develop your logical thinking and analytical skills, and stimulate your brain in an entertaining and educational way.

This IQ test is suitable for both children and adults, so you can solve it on your own or suggest it to family and friends.

Don’t wait any longer to dive into this challengeand prove your mastery of numbers!

Visual test: “Find the missing number in this mathematical puzzle in 20 seconds!”

If you’re a fan of IQ tests and math puzzles, this is the puzzle for you! Put your logical mind to the test with this stimulating mathematical challenge.

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You’ll have to use all your logical and mathematical skills to find the missing number in the puzzle below.


As you can see, this is not a number chosen at random. It’s the result of a series of numbers following an arithmetical trend specific to that series.

That’s the logic you’ll need to find to complete this challenge. What’s more, you have a limited time in which to do it. You only have 20 seconds to try and succeed.

This mathematical puzzle requires deep thought and a clear understanding of mathematical principles. Do you have what it takes to solve it in under 20 seconds? Prove it now!

IQ test: The right answer

Try to unravel this visual puzzle on your own before consulting the solution. Look at it just to check your answer, or only if the 20 seconds have passed without you managing to complete the challenge.

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The solution

6×9=54, 54/2=27

8×7=56, 56/2=28

In the same way,

11×4=44, 44/2=22

The missing value is 22.


If you’ve found the answer, congratulations on your mathematical skill! If not, don’t worry. By attempting this mathematical challenge, you’ve already stimulated your mind and pushed its limits.

Keep practicing with cognitive exercises to further improve your problem-solving skills, develop your logical reasoning and hone your intelligence.

It’s worth noting that studies have actually shown that unraveling puzzles like this one is beneficial for cognitive function, memory and boosting overall mental agility.

Visit our website to find your next brain challenges! Don’t hesitate to invite your friends and family to take part.

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