Try to decipher this mathematical riddle in 20 seconds if you’re smart!


Have you ever wondered what purpose mathematics serves in everyday life if you don’t work in that particular field?

Well, you should know that these skills are essential not only for improving your problem-solving ability, but also for developing logical thinking and the ability to analyze situations in a structured way.

If you’re as convinced as we are of the powers of numbers in everyday life, the IQ test is for you! So, are you ready to unravel the mystery of this mathematical riddle?

Visual test: “If 3=16, 25=210, 66=612, then what does 82= represent?”

Today’s intelligence test is presented to you in the form of a mathematical puzzle. Below, you have 4 equations: 3=16, 25=210, 66=612 and 82 = ?

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Your task is to find the logic behind these seemingly unrelated equations, to find out which value corresponds to the number 82.


To solve this mathematical riddle, we advise you to put aside all sources of distraction.

Indeed, this challenge may seem simple, but it requires a great deal of concentration and attention. Especially as you only have 20 seconds to give the right answer.

Ready for the challenge? Start your stopwatch and it’s up to you!

IQ test: The right answer

The 20 seconds are up. Have you found the solution to today’s riddle? You have to admit, not many people have passed this IQ test. It was hard to figure out how these numbers could be related.

IF you’ve managed to solve it, it means you’ve demonstrated the insight and creativity typical of intelligent people.

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If you haven’t managed to decipher the hidden code behind these equations, you can take a look at the solution below.

The solution

Follow this calculation 13=16{1,(3+3=6)=16}; 25=210{2,(5+5=10)=210}; 66=612{6(6+6=12)=612}; now, 82=84{8(2+2=4)=84}. Let’s take a look at the other solutions and their respective explanations.

The answer is 82 = 84.


Did you enjoy today’s riddle? That’s great, because we’ve got dozens more visual and brain teasers in store for you, each as stimulating and intriguing as the next.

You can already find some interesting IQ tests on our website. Feel free to take a look in your spare time.

You can also share your achievements with your friends, and even invite them to test their own math skills.

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