Visual acuity test: You’ve got 20 seconds to solve this riddle and prove you’ve got the eyes of an eagle!


Visual tests measure the acuity of your vision. In other words, they assess your ability to see the smallest details.

In general, visual skill is measured by reading letters or numbers of progressively smaller size.

But today we’d like to suggest a more fun way of testing your eyesight. It’s calledan eye test which will also help you assess your visual memory, concentration and reactivity. Are you in? Great! Discover the visual challenge of the day below.

Visual challenge: “Find the number 8811 among 8831 in 20 seconds”.

Are you ready to put your vision to the test? The following image is made up of 8831 numbers, and at first glance, there’s only this one in the batch.

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But if your eyes are as sharp as an eagle’s, try to find the only number 8811 hidden among a series of 8831 numbers in 20 seconds.

Indeed, a number 8811 has been hidden in the image, and only those with really sharp eyes can find it.

To solve this challenging visual puzzle, concentrate and analyze all the details in the picture.

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Your 20 seconds start now!

IQ Test: The right answer

Have you managed to spot the intruder in this picture? Then it’s time to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and victory you’re sure to feel. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the solution in less than 20 seconds.

Visual puzzles are designed to be fun and challenging. This one has improved both your visual acuity and your brain.

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If it turns out you’ve failed, just remember to train your visual skills more often with our visual tests. With practice, you’ll become an excellent observer.

Discover the solution to today’s visual riddle below.

The solution

The number 8811 is in the second row from the bottom and in second place counting from your left.

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Do you know anyone who loves visual challenges and IQ tests of all kinds?

Feel free to share today’s visual challenge with them. And if you’d like to solve some more entertaining riddles, head over to our IQ tests category!

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