Visual enigma: find the intruder in this image in under 5 seconds


The visual riddle of the day consists in finding an intruder well hidden in the image to reveal your observation skills and intelligence.

This isa visual exercise that we’ve specially designed to stimulate your brain.

This kind of test is ideal for helping you to concentrate better. It’s designed to improve your reasoning skills while entertaining you at the same time.

Presentation of the visual puzzle: find the intruder in under 5 seconds

Get ready for this captivating visual challenge in which every element of the picture is important, even the smallest. You’ll explore a visual universe rich in detail, with surprises hidden in every nook and cranny.

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This visual riddle will test your powers of observation, as the rapidly ticking seconds add a dose of excitement to your search.

Visual challenges are designed to challenge both your eyes and your brain. Accessible on a computer as well as on a phone, these visual puzzles help your brain to grow stronger while allowing you to think more clearly. What’s more, they give you the opportunity to take a little break and relax.

Solving this visual puzzle requires you to be in a quiet place, away from any source of distraction.

You need to look carefully at every detail in the picture and think very quickly. This will help you to be more concentrated and intelligent in everyday life.

Today’s visual puzzle presents you with several lanterns. At first glance, they all look the same, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that there’s a different lantern.

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Your job is to find the intruder as quickly as possible, i.e. in under 5 seconds.

Solution to the visual riddle: find the intruder in under 5 seconds.

The 5 seconds are up! Did you manage to find the different lantern within the allotted time?

Congratulations on completing this exciting mission with flying colors. It shows that this exciting challenge has demonstrated your ability to concentrate and observe carefully.

The adventure continues, explore our website in search of visual tests worthy of your talent.

If you haven’t managed to find the intruder after the deadline, don’t be discouraged. In the image below, we’ll show you the exact location of the lantern in question.

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If you want to become a real detective, you can practice with other, less difficult puzzles.

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Don’t hesitate to share this visual test with your friends and family, to test their powers of observation.

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