Visual enigma: Only the most meticulous can find the pair of boots that differs from the others in 15 seconds!


Do you have some free time on your hands? Use it to have some clever fun.

Below, we suggest a visual challenge both entertaining and stimulating. It will help you develop your powers of observation and visual perception, since this test requires careful attention to detail.

So, if you want to improve your visual skills and strengthen your analytical abilities, you’re on the right page.

Visual test: “Which of these pairs of boots is unique?”

This visual riddle offers you a challenge to test your visual acuity and thinking speed. Look carefully at the following picture. It’s made up of a pretty pair of boots that, at first glance, all look alike.

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But somewhere among them is a pair of boots that’s different from all the others.

Your test today is to identify it. And to make it even more challenging, you’ve only got 15 seconds to solve it.


So take your time, observe every detail of the image and concentrate on finding the intruder.

This visual exercise requires patience and precision. And once you’ve spotted the flip-flop in question, you’ll see how satisfying it can be to succeed. this visual test. Are you ready? Now it’s your turn!

IQ Test: The right answer

15 seconds go by very quickly when you’re very concentrated. But they can also be very fruitful if you use them in the right way. Did you manage to solve the puzzle before the time ran out?

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This means you’re a meticulous person who pays attention to the smallest details. It’s a skill you’ll probably need on a daily basis.

Haven’t you found the answer? Here’s the solution:

The solution

Of these pairs of boots, only the one on the right, as shown in the image below, has the zip open.

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Do you feel like solving some new visual puzzles and having a bit more fun before you get back to work?

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