Visual game: Test your visual acuity in just 15 seconds by finding the intruder


Visual acuity is generally measured using optotypes. These are letters and numbers, as well as certain illustrations and drawings, which you can see in your optician’s shop.

Today, we invite you to assess your vision with drawings, but not just any drawings.

The vision test of the day measures your powers of observation and visual acuity through mandala representations. Please note that this does not mean that the test will be easy.

On the contrary, you have to take this challenge seriously and concentrate hard on succeeding. Are you ready to take it on?

Visual test: “Which of these mandalas is unlike any other?”

As you know, your test today is to measure your visual acuity using these mandalas. Take a close look at the image below.

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It’s made up of exactly 32 mandalas. At first glance, you’ll probably notice that they’re all identical. But if they were, there’d be no challenge.

In fact, one of these mandalas doesn’t look like the others. You have 15 seconds to try and discover this intruder and prove that you have good powers of observation and excellent eyesight.

Your time limit starts now! Good luck!

Visual test: The right answer

Have you finished today’s visual test? How did you do?

Did you manage to identify the mandala that was different from all the others in the allotted time? Then you’ve just proved that you have good vision and are an excellent observer.

But if at the end of the 15 seconds you still haven’t found the intruding mandala, unfortunately you’ve failed the test. You can find out the exact answer below.

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