Visual riddle: find the wrong letter in less than 10 seconds


Visual Riddle of the day consists in finding the letter which is not in its place, as quickly as possible, i.e. in less than 10 seconds.

It’s all abouta challenge designed to relax you and stimulate your brain at the same time. This riddle is a simple way to develop your cognitive skills.

Presentation of the visual puzzle: find the letter in less than 10 seconds

Performing this visual test has many advantages, not least of which is the ability to perfect your visual skills.

This kind of challenge is also known to boost your mental agility, which will make you even smarter. Many people mistakenly think that this is an easy exercise. But to solve this puzzle, you need to pay close attention to every detail.

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Today’s visual test presents you with several letters that look identical. But if you look carefully, you’ll notice that there’s an odd one out.

Your mission is to find this different letter as quickly as possible, in less than 10 seconds.


To complete this challenge in the allotted time, you need to be in a quiet place away from any distractions.

This is an exciting challenge designed to sharpen your observation and cognitive skills. Performing it also helps keep your body and brain healthy.

Solution to the visual puzzle: find the letter in less than 10 seconds.

Time’s up! Did you manage to find the different letter in under 10 seconds? Congratulations, this shows that you have well-developed cognitive skills and that the time constraint didn’t hold you back.

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This is an ability that will come in handy in everyday life. You’ll be able to think critically and consider things carefully before making decisions. As a result, you’ll be faster and more mentally agile.

If you haven’t managed to find the letter before the time runs out, don’t be discouraged – you’re certainly out of practice.

If you’d like to practise, you’ll find plenty of challenges on our site. Start by solving less difficult puzzles and increase the complexity as you go along.

If you still can’t find the intruder, take a look at the image below. The letter C is on the second line from the bottom.


If you look closely at the third place from the left, you’ll notice it. Feel free to share this visual riddle with your friends and family if you enjoyed it.

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