Visual test: a thousand dishes and one mistake. But where is it hiding?


Here’s a special experience that will awaken your sense of observation and stimulate your mind! This test invites you to explore hidden nuances, discover unsuspected elements and improve your ability to analyze properly.

The image below will encourage you to think creatively, free your imagination and reveal aspects of your perception that you may never have explored before.

Beyond the answers lies a unique and memorable experience. Prepare to discover the extraordinary in the seemingly banal.

Are you ready to test your observational skills and find a new world of possibilities? The journey begins here, and your concentration is the key.

How does the challenge unfold?

At this visual test, the principle is simple, but the excitement will be at its peak. You’ll be confronted with a complex picture. At first glance, all the images look the same, but there’s a tiny difference, an anomaly waiting to be discovered.

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Take the time you need to examine each element carefully and explore every nuance. The dissimilarities may be discreet, sometimes camouflaged in the apparent symmetry, but they’re there, to be revealed by your discerning vision.

Some practical tips

To maximize your chances of success this visual challenge, follow these practical tips for a memorable experience.

First of all, take your time. There’s no set limit, so observe every detail. Examine every inch of the picture, and don’t miss a single component.

Use a systematic approach by examining the painting methodically, from left to right and top to bottom.

Focus on key elements such as shapes, colors and patterns. Sometimes, the difference can be hidden in a series of apparently similar components or in symmetry.

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The solution

Congratulations to all the keen observers who found the anomaly you were looking for in this visual challenge! You have brilliantly spotted the little green pepper missing from the dish. This demonstrates a remarkable ability to distinguish details.


For those pursuing their visual quest, don’t be discouraged. Every attempt strengthens your ability to perceive nuances, and perseverance is the key to success.

Keep exploring, examining each element with curiosity and honing your observational skills. Take on more visual challenges to improve your skills, and who knows what wonders you’ll discover in the future.

More puzzles

Finding the solution brings unparalleled joy, and your thirst for detail brings you that much closer to success.

Continue to cultivate this precious skill and embrace the pleasure of the unexpected. To do so, don’t hesitate to solve more visual puzzles!

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