Visual test: An almost perfect dessert! Find the anomaly!


In a world full of illusions and traps, here’s a visual challenge that’s sure to come in handy. A challenge for both eyes and brain, this riddle will help you see the invisible.

However, great ability requires great effort. It won’t be as easy as you think. Indeed, it’s an experiment that has left many participants baffled.

In this visual quest, you’ll have to spot a tiny difference in the heart of an image. Can you do it?

How does the challenge work?

Look closely at every detail, examine the shades of color, scrutinize the arrangement of the fruit and study the shape of the dessert.

The key could lie in a subtle dissimilarity, whether it concerns the size of a fruit, the position of a spoon or a slightly altered hue. Take a methodical, unhurried approach.

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Remember, puzzle solving requires relaxation and concentration. Give yourself the time you need, let your creativity flow, and awaken your mind to the subtlety of this gourmet quest. May the search for the singular bowl be as tasty as the fruit salad itself.

Some practical tips

Look carefully at the colors of the fruit in each bowl.

Compare the size of the fruit. The intruder may contain fruit that is smaller or larger than the others.

Carefully examine each spoon. Compare the shapes of the desserts.

The solution

Congratulations to the brilliant minds who solved the puzzle! Your perspicacity commands respect. For those who weren’t lucky enough to meet the challenge this time, don’t worry. It’s not the end. The site offers a wide range of visual tests for you to take. These will help you improve your skills.

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Now for the solution. The intruder is on the right-hand side of the picture.

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More riddles

Visual tests have become indispensable companions in our daily lives. They offer a stimulating and enjoyable escape.

By immersing yourself in these games, your eyesight is called upon in a unique way, and your sense of observation and ability to analyze are put to the test within a mosaic of visual information.

These visual challenges also train the brain. They improve concentration, perception and problem-solving.

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