Visual test: An intruder is hiding among these statues. Can you identify it in under 10 seconds?


In this fast-paced age, taking the time to really observe seems like a luxury. Yet it’s a valuable skill that nurtures creativity, improves decision-making and strengthens our relationships with others.

By honing your ability to detect the smallest details, you connect more deeply with the world. To stimulate and optimize your analytical skills, carry out this observation test which will only take 10 seconds.

How does the challenge work?

At this visual enigma, you’re looking at an image showing a collection of statues representing both men and women.

The challenge is simple on the surface, but requires a remarkable sense of observation. Indeed, at first glance, all the figures appear to be inert stone replicas.

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But somewhere among them lurks an individual dressed to blend in perfectly with the rest. Your job is to identify him in less than ten seconds.


The stopwatch is now started. Observe each statue closely, looking for the slightest sign of life, movement or discrepancy. The seconds will pass very quickly, but only a sharp eye will be able to spot the intruder.

This unique experience will teach you an invaluable lesson about the importance of being able to distinguish details.

Some practical tips

Look closely at each statue and examine any small clues that might indicate the presence of the person in disguise.

Observe the positions of the statues and look for any unnatural postures among them. The disguised individual may look different from the other sculptures.

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Eliminate the statues that seem least likely to be a real person. This will reduce the number of choices and make your search easier.

Observe the direction of the statues’ gaze. The disguised individual may be looking in a different direction from the others.

Trust your instincts and don’t doubt yourself.

Stay calm and focused, even when time is short. Stress can impair your abilities, so pay attention and breathe deeply.

The solution

The person disguised as a statue is in the last row. She can be distinguished from the others by the fact that she is looking at her watch, a gesture of a living being that differs from the frozen poses of the other statues.

If you’ve managed to spot this dissimilarity, congratulations! Your perspicacity and attention to detail have enabled you to triumph.

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For those who couldn’t find the answer, persevere. This challenge was a tough test of perception.

Even if you couldn’t discover the solution this time, you can improve by continuing to sharpen your observational skills. This quality is crucial in many everyday situations.

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