Visual test: Apollo 11 Mission, can you find the error in the image in under 5 seconds?


How sharp do you think your eyes are? Do you think your eyesight is good enough, or is it starting to fail you?

There’s only one way to find out: do our visual test ! Demonstrate your powers of observation and prove that you have vision as sharp as an eagle’s.

Vision test: where do you think the mistake on the Apollo 11 mission image is?

In this challenge you’ll have the chance to test your visual acuity in a fun and practical way. Indeed, it’s much more than a simple visual test.

This is a real challenge designed to assess the accuracy of your vision and your level of concentration. Whatever your age, it’s a great way to hone your perceptiveness and work on your visual intelligence.

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In practical terms, this challenge involves observing the image shown below. It’s an illustration of the day when man first set foot on the moon.

You can clearly see the astronaut standing on the lunar surface, with the American flag proudly planted in the background.

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There is, however, one inconsistency in this superb picture. It contains a detail that doesn’t belong. Your mission is to find this error.

You must do this in less than 5 seconds to pass this test.! This time constraint will prove your worth and stimulate your visual skills to the maximum.

Visual challenge: discover the error in the image!

Your 5 seconds are up as soon as you start the countdown. Now it’s time to take stock. Were you able to find the error in the image? If you didn’t, even though you gave it your best shot, don’t worry. See below for the solution to this visual test.

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When you look at the image distractedly, it’s not really easy to spot an anomaly. However, if you open your eyes and use logic, you’ll see that there’s something that shouldn’t be there.

It’s the moon in the background.It wouldn’t make any sense for this satellite to be present in this location, given that the image represents the day Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.


Are you among those who have identified this inconsistency? If so, you should be pleased with yourself. You have an excellent sense of observation and are not easily fooled by details.

If 5 seconds hasn’t allowed you to pass this visual test, don’t worry! You’ll just have to practice with other challenges and develop enough visual intelligence to pass our upcoming tests.

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