Visual test: are you meticulous? Prove it by finding the letters F among the E in the image.


Visual tests captivate our imagination and transport us into a world where perception and logic meet.

Indeed, these visual enigmas encourage you to discover the reality hidden behind apparently simple images, but whose resolution requires very specific visual and cognitive skills.

To succeed, you need good visual acuity, a high level of concentration and the ability to analyze quickly.

Far from being just entertainment, these visual puzzles are vision exercises that challenge your ability to perceive details. And today, you’ll be faced with a rather popular challenge that requires a lot of attention.

Visual riddle: “How many letters F have intruded into the series of letters E below?”

An attentive person is someone who is vigilant, highly concentrated and has a good sense of observation. They are distinguished by their ability to understand, retain information and react appropriately to situations.

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Attention is a valuable cognitive and visual quality that promotes a better understanding of things. And in today’s visual test, whether you’re thorough or not will be measured by your ability to distinguish details.

Look carefully at the image below for 12 seconds and try to find all the letters F embedded in it.


Indeed, this image should only contain a series of E characters. But let’s just say that some F letters have crept in, and it’s up to you to discover them!

Are you ready? It’s your turn in 3, 2, 1… Good luck!

Visual test: The right answer

That’s it, the 12 seconds are up. Find the solution to this riddle below to check if you’ve given the right answers.

The solution

All in all, there are 6 letters F in this picture. You can see them in the image below.

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So, did you manage to find all the letters F hidden in the picture?

If you did, congratulations! It means you’re an attentive and meticulous person who knows how to distinguish the smallest details.

If you haven’t spotted the 6 Fs in time, it means you need to improve your powers of observation a little more and perfect your speed of analysis and precision.


. Discover visual exercises that will help you develop your visual acuity and your mind on our site.

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