Visual test: can you find the anomaly in this image?


This visual test will challenge your perception of the world. Beyond the romantic mood of the painting, there’s a most intriguing anomaly. Can you find the error? Find out by readingt the challenge.

How does the challenge work?

This test challenges you to find the anomaly hidden in this picture. To do so, here’s an ordinary picture. It shows a man and a woman enjoying a romantic dinner.

The night is beautiful, the sky is clear and the stars are twinkling. On the table, the man has taken out a ring and given it to his sweetheart. She accepts it unconditionally.

But… there’s something wrong with this picture. There’s a monumental error that should jump out at you immediately. However, take your time to look for it if you’re having trouble.

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The great thing about this test is that it stimulates both your eyes and your brain. So, are you up for the challenge?

Some practical tips

To solve the test, examine every detail of the image. Examine the proportions, perspectives and logic of the scene.

Check that everything in the environment matches the situation described, including the expressions of the characters. Don’t overlook even the smallest details.

Take your time so you don’t miss a clue. Concentrate on every element of the scene, from the sky to the table to the characters.

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This test stimulates both your eyes and your brain through the careful examination of details. So pay attention to every aspect of the scene to succeed in this challenge.

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The answer

Did you find the error? Without further ado, here’s the answer.

The anomaly in this image concerns the young woman. You’ll notice that she has accepted the ring offered to her by the young man. And yet.., her left ring finger is already occupied by a ring. For more details on this solution, take a look at the image below and the answer is revealed.

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Hats off if you’ve solved the mystery. This challenge gave a lot of people a hard time, but it didn’t get the better of you. You can congratulate yourself.

Failure is the mother of success. If you’ve failed, don’t worry. The great names have also been through this stage.

The key to success is practice. On our site, numerous stock tests have been specially designed to help you improve your skills. Have fun solving them with your friends.

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