Visual test: Can you identify the man of the future in this image in just 10 seconds?


On the street, there are changes we don’t notice, because they seem so insignificant. These small changes fill our daily lives, but we don’t notice them because of our routine. Yet these details are sometimes important. They can even save lives.

This observation test will help you refine your gaze and put your eyes where they should be.

How does the challenge work?

This visual puzzle tests your ability to spot subtle differences in the middle of a seemingly homogeneous scene. Every second counts, and speed and precision are essential if you are to emerge victorious.

This challenge takes you to a park. Adults, children, men and women are having a chat. They’re all sporting 50s looks.

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However, in the midst of this retro scene, there’s one person who doesn’t fit in with the era represented. The challenge is to identify this individual in less than 10 seconds.

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This is an entertaining and fun experiment that will demonstrate the importance of observation in problem-solving and decision-making.

Who will be the fastest to discover the intruder and win? Challenge your friends and family to add some spice to the event.

Practical tips

Examine the image quickly section by section. Don’t leave out any details.

Don’t be fooled by the color schemes. These patterns are there to confuse you. They distract your attention from the real objective.

Scrutinize the clothing of each person in the picture. Look for elements that might be anachronistic to the 50s era. Also look at accessories such as watches, glasses, handbags and so on.

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It’s not just the look that counts. Also consider the actions of the people in the picture. The difference may be subtle, but close attention to facial features can reveal clues about the era of each individual.

The answer

Here is the long-awaited answer. The person you’ve been looking for is the one in the orange shirt and blue pants.

How do we know? Although everyone else seems to belong unmistakably to this retro era, this individual is wearing an inappropriate accessory. He’s carrying a Walkman in his pocket. Unfortunately, this device hadn’t yet been invented in the 50s, so it was this walkman that gave him away.


If you were able to spot this anomaly in the blink of an eye, congratulations on your perceptiveness. Your eyes are as sharp as an eagle’s!

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For those who didn’t succeed this time, don’t be discouraged. The important thing is to participate and learn from each challenge.

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