Visual test: Can you locate the bear that isn’t a bear in under 30 seconds?


Right away, this test may seem disconcerting without the ability to detect details and hawk eyes.

Solving it requires alertness. If you’ve got what it takes, get started now!

Success this test is an excellent opportunity to assess your skills and stimulate your intelligence. It also measures your visual acuity and analytical skills.

30 seconds: the time you have to find the fake bear

Your mission in this visual puzzle is to locate a “bear” in the picture that isn’t actually a bear, but is pretending to be one. Among the brown bears in the forest, there’s an intruder you’ll have to discover very quickly.

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Indeed, we’re giving you just 30 minutes to spot it. This time limit adds spice to the game, and will put your mental and visual abilities to the test. Concentration and discernment will be your allies in this crucial challenge.

Visual challenge: work on your age-weary eyes!

Visual tests are more than just fun and games. While they offer fun and games, they are also valuable tools for training your eyes and developing your sense of observation.

By unravelling them, you strengthen your sense of analysis, your visual skills and your concentration.

These tests stimulate the eyes and the brain while improving your complex problem-solving skills. They’re a great way to hone your critical thinking skills and visual agility, while having fun at the same time.

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Visual test solution: did you find the dummy bear?

You can only pass this test if you look closely at the picture. Many clues betray the identity of our intruder. If you scrutinize each ursid one by one, you’ll notice that one of them is a teddy bear.


If you’ve managed to locate the teddy bear, congratulations! You’ve shown an excellent sense of detail and accurate vision.

If not, don’t be discouraged! There’s nothing to stop you improving and succeeding in future challenges. In the meantime, we invite you to exercise your eyes and perfect your observation skills right now with our other visual tests.

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