Visual test: Do you have the skills to find the number 3678 in just 20 seconds?


If your eyes are sharp enough, unravel the this visual puzzle will be child’s play for you. More than just a distraction, though, this test puts your brain’s speed and problem-solving skills to the test.

Made for those with good powers of observation, this riddle is sure to get your brain working. So, do you think the 20 seconds will be enough to win this challenge? If so, we invite you to take a look at the image below.

Visual test: where is the number 3678 hidden among the rows of 5678?

In this brand-new test, you’ll need good eyes and an excellent sense of observation. Highly stimulating, this visual test requires intelligence, patience and insight to pass.

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You need to give it 100% to find the hidden number. In the picture, you can see several rows of 5678. In the middle of these numbers, however, there’s an intruder, an element that breaks the harmony of the picture, and it’s the number 3678.

You’ll have to find it if you want to pass this challenge.


But be careful! This visual riddle isn’t as simple as it looks, especially as you have to solve it in under 20 seconds.

You don’t have to rely solely on your hawk-like vision. You’ll also need a good level of concentration and precision.

Practicing riddles, puzzles and visual tests: all benefits!

Solving visual riddles of this kind has many advantages. They’re a simple, accessible way to have fun. They allow you to unwind between tasks.

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This type of challenge also offers the opportunity to develop your cognitive abilities. It improves memory, concentration, patience, logic and critical thinking. It also stimulates creativity and intelligence.

Regular practice of these tests may even prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, but this has yet to be proven.

Test solution: here’s how to find the number 3678

You don’t need a secret or a magic formula to find the number 3678 in the middle of all those 5678. To locate the intruder quickly and easily, you can examine the rows of numbers at different distances and search in blocks.

Although the challenge is limited to 20 seconds, take your time. You’ll see that the number in question is in the column at the very bottom of the picture.

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Have you discovered this location? Congratulations. If not, don’t be discouraged. You’ll do better next time by practicing with our other visual tests.

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