Visual test: Do you think your eyes are sharp enough to find the number 952 out of 957 in 20 seconds?


Do you think your eyes are sharp enough to find the number our test visual acuity test?

Will your level of concentration be enough to help you find the number 952 among the many 957s?

Will you be fast enough to do it in under 20 seconds? This visual challenge will not only put your eyes to the test, it will also give you a clear idea of our visual agility. If you’re in the mood to win, go for it.

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Visual test: where do you think the number 952 is hidden among the 957 in the image?

This visual test offers you the opportunity to assess your visual perception and problem-solving skills. The aim of this challenge is clear.

In the following image, you have several rows of numbers on a purple background. As you’ll see, there seems to be only the number 957 repeated ad infinitum.

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Or so the picture would have you believe. In the middle of these 957s lies an intruder: the number 952. Your mission will be to locate it in 20 seconds.

Much more than a simple number search, this visual puzzle involves in-depth image analysis. It’s a real test of concentration, requiring you to spot small details in the middle of a large whole.

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Visual challenges for developing visual skills and problem-solving fun

When every day you have to chase work, home… or time, it can be invigorating to take a break between tasks. And there’s nothing like visual challenges to decompress.

More than just a source of distraction, they allow you to maintain your sight and exercise your eyes. They also improve your visual acuity. They also help you hone your problem-solving skills.

In this particular test, spotting a specific number among others may seem trivial at first glance. However, it’s really an exercise in concentration and insight.

Visual test solution: Discover the exact location of the number 952 among the 957

To succeed in this visual puzzle, you really shouldn’t have rushed, even though you only have 20 seconds. Our tip for getting there quickly is to scan the picture methodically, paying attention to detail. You can divide the picture into sections to facilitate analysis.

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You need to be persistent. For example, you should see that the number 952 is in the second column from the right and in the second row from the bottom.

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Have you discovered this location? Congratulations. If so, we encourage you to keep practicing. If you persevere, you’re sure to succeed next time. If you’d like to exercise your eyesight, we’ve got a few other visual tests for you.

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