Visual test: Find out what’s wrong with this picture if you’re a meticulous person.


People with a good eye for detail are considered meticulous. Indeed, such people are thoughtful, meticulous and careful about everything they do.

Are you one of them? We invite you the challenge so that you can prove it. Do you dare to take it?

Visual riddle: “What’s missing from this picture?”

Your test of the day is a visual riddle. You have 20 seconds to look closely at and analyze the following image and answer the question: What’s missing from this illustration?

The image below is made up of several vegetables and fruits. To find out very quickly what’s wrong, you need to stay focused for the next few seconds.

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And to get there, keep your “focus solely on all fruits and vegetables” goal in mind and don’t let yourself be distracted by another activity.

Be a good strategist too, and find the best way to analyze all the details quickly. Know that there is a logic behind this image. Discover it to succeed this test attention.

Are you ready? Start your stopwatch and it’s your turn!

Visual test: The right answer

That’s it, the 20 seconds are up. Were they enough for you to solve today’s visual riddle? Here’s the solution.

The solution

The logic behind this image is that for every photo of a complete fruit or vegetable, there is also a photo of its slice.. So you can see that there’s an apple and half an apple, a banana, a lemon, an avocado, a watermelon and their respective slices, and so on…

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Only the grenadine has no accompaniment. So that’s what’s missing from this picture: the grenadine!


Were you able to give the right answer? Well done! It proves that you’re a meticulous, detail-oriented person.

If you don’t succeed in today’s visual puzzle, don’t worry, you can become more meticulous with a little practice.

To help you do this, use our visual challenges. They’ll stimulate your sense of observation and improve your concentration. Visit our site for our best visual tests.

And don’t forget to share this visual enigma on social networks to challenge your friends!

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