Visual test: find the butterfly hidden in this picture!


Visual puzzles are fun activities that involve the eyes. They’re great fun, but they also get the brain working.

By doing these quests regularly, you’ll think differently and see how everyone interprets things.

What’s more, you’ll become smarter and learn to spot details you might not otherwise have noticed. So here’s a visual test that will take you beyond your limits.

You’ll have fun while you rack your brains to find the answer. Let’s get started!

How does the challenge work?

“Looking for a needle in a haystack”. This proverb sums up the test you are about to perform. The image contains several flowers.

However, the object you’ll have to identify is a butterfly, perfectly camouflaged in this setting.

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This is a challenge for the bravest, for the most persevering, but above all for the most intelligent.

According to expert research, only a minority of the population – 5% – have the visual ability to find the butterfly. Are you one of the elite? It’s up to you to prove it!

A few tips.

Start by looking at the picture as a whole. Concentrate on the variations in shape and pattern within the flowers.

Look for symmetries or patterns that might be disrupted by the butterfly’s presence. Use the visual scanning method, dividing the image into several sections for more systematic observation.

Look out for shades of color that might indicate the presence of the butterfly. The desired insect may adopt a position that breaks the symmetry of the flowers.

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Use the zoom if necessary to take a closer look at all the potential areas. Don’t be put off by the similarity of the flowers; look for anomalies.

Take regular breaks to avoid eyestrain. Be persistent and look at the image from different angles.

The answer

Did you find the butterfly? Wow, what an excellent sense of observation!

If you missed the answer, take a look at the image below to find the location of the beautiful insect.

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The benefits of this test

Perhaps you’ve successfully deployed your visual sagacity, or has the butterfly escaped you? Either way, don’t forget that the visual challenge can improve your powers of observation.

Keep sharpening your visual skills, take more visual tests, and get to know the countless facets of this amazing alliance between eyes and brain. Be curious, persevere, and constantly work on your visual perception. Who knows what wonders you’ll discover in your next challenges?

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