Visual test: Find the godmother in less than 10 seconds if you can!


Observing is much more than just seeing. In fact, it’s about being aware of little things that often go unnoticed, like the play of shadows at sunset or the whisper of leaves in the wind.

It’s about being attentive to imperceptible changes and discreet signs that can reveal hidden truths.

Would you like to see the world in a different way? Then realize this observation test! It will serve as both training for amateurs and an interview for experts.

How does the challenge work?

At this visual puzzle you’ll have to carefully examine an image. It shows a group of people dancing at a ball. Attention naturally focuses on the royal couple.

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Your role is to detect the discreet but essential presence of an emblematic figure: the godmother. Through this ordeal, you’ll have to prove your perceptiveness. Look out for the godmother, who can fade into the shadows or shine like a star. Without doubt, she adds an extra dimension to this exceptional scene.

Her presence can be hidden in the details. Just know that you only have 10 seconds to find it.Decipher every nuance of the image and every clue.

Some practical tips

Look carefully at the layout of the characters, background details and any visual clues that might guide you to the godmother.

Pay close attention to the nuances of the image, from clothing to facial expressions. The godmother might stand out with an unexpected specificity or a particular posture.

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Explore the people and objects surrounding the royal couple. Symbolic elements or interactions with other characters could reveal the presence of the godmother.

Mentally divide the picture into sections and examine each part systematically so you don’t miss anything.

Practice also refines your observation skills. So practice with different images and time yourself to improve your speed and accuracy.

The answer

If you look closely at the image, you’ll notice that the woman by the window has a baguette in her pocket. This is the godmother.


Did you find the answer? Congratulations! You deserve our admiration and congratulations. Your perceptiveness and keen sense of observation have enabled you to solve this riddle. This success is a testament to your ability to quickly spot the details and discover the solution.

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If you haven’t found the godmother in this short time, you still need to practice. Observation skills are acquired through perseverance and learning.

Every challenge is an opportunity to hone our skills and improve. Keep practising, and invite your friends and family to join in to test their ability to distinguish details.

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