Visual test: identify the anomaly in this image in less than 15 seconds!


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, concentration is indispensable. In everything we do, it becomes the essential tool for grasping crucial details and avoiding costly mistakes.

So it’s important to train your brain for better concentration.

Visit a test a visual test that will improve this ability, while training your vision. It offers an entertaining and stimulating experience combining observation skills and time management. This challenge is waiting for you. Are you ready? Get started!

How does the challenge work?

The challenge begins with the observation of an image. It shows a peaceful scene, including a meadow at sunset.

However, a subtle error is intentionally hidden in this idyllic picture. You are invited to meticulously scrutinize every visual detail to spot this anomaly. This challenge is designed to test your perceptiveness and powers of observation.

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To intensify the experience, you can set yourself a time limit. Equip yourself with a stopwatch and activate it as soon as the image is revealed. Identify the error in less than 15 seconds.

This time dimension adds a competitive element to the challenge. It encourages you to combine precision and speed in image analysis. Success thus depends on your ability to spot the discrepancy within the scene within the allotted time.

The answer

Here’s the answer to the riddle. It’s true, careful observation reveals that the sun produces shadows instead of diffusing light. This strange phenomenon is the anomaly to look for.


Did you rate it? Congratulations! Your eyes show exceptional acuity, but it’s your level of concentration that deserves special mention. Few people manage to solve this test.

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For those who didn’t find the answer, don’t worry. It was quite a difficult test, especially for beginners.

However, with regular practice, this type of challenge will become child’s play. Practice daily with other equally challenging puzzles. Don’t hesitate to share this rewarding experience with friends and family.

More puzzles

Did you enjoy this test? There are more exciting ones on our site. In fact, this one brings you some very interesting benefits.

By carefully scrutinizing the phenomenon where the sun casts shadows instead of light, it stimulates critical thinking and observation.

It’s an exercise that tests your visual faculties and reinforces concentration. Difficult at first, it becomes an opportunity for continuous improvement.

By taking on this kind of challenge every day, you’ll develop a unique ability to solve complex problems.

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