Visual test: If you find the answer in less than 20 seconds, you’re a genius!


This visual test has been designed to improve your cognitive skills in a fun way. Faced with complex images, this test will reveal your level of intelligence.

Why take part? Because observation skills have direct implications for your daily life.

Whether it’s for quick decision-making or problem-solving, these skills are crucial. You’ll be more attentive in your day-to-day tasks and spot important details sooner rather than later.

These skills help you to make informed decisions. This test is also an opportunity to improve your mental abilities to excel in all aspects of your life.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and unleash your brain’s hidden potential?

How does the challenge work?

Here’s a picture of several women sitting on a chair. At first glance, they seem to be adopting the same postures, but this is not the case.

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Your challenge: spot the different woman in under 20 seconds.

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This exercise pushes your brain to look for even the smallest details. Every second counts to test not only your ability to observe quickly, but also your mental reactivity.

Finding the atypical element then becomes an interesting challenge, an immersive experience that highlights your mental agility.

Some practical tips

Before you start, choose a calm, well-lit environment and keep distractions to a minimum. If possible, invite friends or family to join in, as this will create a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Start by looking at the whole picture to familiarize yourself with the repeated pattern. Then concentrate on the details.

Look for variations in posture, clothing, accessories… Take a methodical approach, scanning the picture systematically rather than in a scattered fashion.

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The solution

Congratulations to all participants, especially those who managed to find the intruder! Your insight was impressive, and your victory is a testament to your remarkable powers of observation. Congratulations!

For those who were able to successfully complete the test, this achievement is not simply a victory in a game, but also a demonstration of your mental agility and ability to spot even the tiniest details.

If you didn’t find the intruder, remember that this test was designed to push your limits and improve your skills. Don’t be discouraged. Perseverance is the key to personal growth, and simply taking part is a victory in itself.

The answer to our captivating challenge can be found at the top left of the image, where one woman stands out from the rest.

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