Visual test: one image, one mistake. Find it in less than 15 seconds!


When we look at the world, the brain plays a crucial role in interpreting visual information.

However, it can sometimes play tricks on us if our concentration wavers. Optical illusions can arise, distorting reality and deceiving our perceptions.

Phenomena such as inattentional blindness remind us that our brains can deliberately ignore important details.

To test the resilience of your concentration and observation skills, perform the following tasks this visual test.

If you look closely at the details, you’ll be amazed at how your brain can sometimes interpret information in unexpected ways. Check the challenge and test the power of your vision!

Try to complete this challenge within the time limit

In this challenge, plunge your gaze into an image featuring a delicious array of Mexican taco dishes with French fries.

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From now on, you’ll have to spot the intruder among these appetizing dishes. At first glance, all the dishes look the same, but one of them stands out for specific details.


This test will put your powers of observation and concentration to the test. Are you up to the challenge?

Find out if your eyes are sharp enough. To make things even more difficult, we challenge you to find the intruder in less than 15 seconds.

Some practical tips

Here are a few tips:

Analyze each dish carefully. Look for noticeable differences in size, contour or even texture.

Study the nuances of color in the dishes. Compare tones precisely to spot any differences.

Create pairs of similar dishes and compare them. By eliminating common elements, it will be easier to spot the peculiarities of the different dish.

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Pay special attention to the details of French fries, and tacos.

Finally, take your time when observing. Avoid hasty conclusions and examine each dish with patience.

The answer

Congratulations! Whether you’ve found the answer or not, you’ve made it this far. You’ve been brave, and that deserves a reward!

The long-awaited answer is revealed in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture. Salads are distinctively different from other dishes.

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Did you find it? Well, your attention to detail has paid off. You have an exceptional ability.

If not, don’t be discouraged! Looking for details can be complex, but it’s also an opportunity to improve your observation skills.

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