Visual test: Sharpen your eyes with the visual challenge of the day, to be solved in under 20 seconds.


Would you like to test your own skills? Perfect! Below, we have a visual puzzle which will test your visual acuity, attention to detail and speed of analysis all at the same time.

Visual test: “Where is the number 78 hidden in the picture?”

Today’s challenge is to find the odd one out in a series of numbers. The image below is made up of numbers 48.

All the evidence suggests that this is the only repeating number in the picture. However, another number, 78, is hidden. So you’ve got 20 seconds to find it and prove you’ve got good eyes and a keen sense of observation.

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To help you out, here’s some advice from our visual puzzle-solving experts on how to solve a visual puzzle. a visual test of this kind:

  1. Examine the image carefully: you need to take the time to look carefully at the image and spot details, shapes and any relevant information that may help you discover the intruder.
  2. Concentrate on the recurring pattern or element in the image that will lead you to the different number.

Are you ready to solve today’s visual and cerebral challenge? Then it’s your turn!

IQ Test: The right answer

Now that the allotted 20 seconds have elapsed, it’s time to reveal the solution.

The solution

If you’ve been perceptive enough, you’ll have concentrated on the first part of each number, i.e. the number 4 in the picture, and will have arrived on the 7 of the 78, which is in the third column from your right and the fourth position from the bottom.

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Did you discover this intruder before the 20 seconds were up? Congratulations, you really do have eagle eyes. Keep training your visual acuity so you don’t lose it.

If the 20 seconds weren’t enough for you to spot the number 78 hidden in the image, we advise you to carry out visual exercises with a time limit as often as possible to develop your observation skills and brain reactivity.

You can spend your free time on our site solving visual puzzles that are as entertaining as they are challenging. Don’t hesitate to invite your friends to improve their visual skills with you!

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