Visual test: There’s something wrong with this picture. Find out what it is in less than 10 seconds!


Observation alone is not enough to understand the world. Observation is the first step, but intelligence also plays an essential role in interpreting the information gathered. It is this subtle marriage of observation and intelligence that enables us to gain a deep and nuanced understanding of the environment.

To highlight the importance of this alliance, we suggest this test stimulating. This challenge goes beyond simple observation, it also tests your ability to analyze, connect ideas and draw sound conclusions. By taking it on, you’ll train your critical thinking and develop your cognitive skills.

What are you waiting for? Set off on your adventure!

How does the challenge work?

In this experiment, your insight and speed will be put to the test. The test consists of carefully examining an image in less than 10 seconds.

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In this painting of a majestic iceberg, you’ll discover a towering polar bear, mischievous penguins and charming penguins.

Beware, however, there’s a mistake lurking in this icy scene. Your mission is to spot this incongruity as soon as possible. The key lies in your ability to observe and process visual information quickly.


Are you ready to take on the challenge and discover what your mind can achieve in less than 10 seconds?

Some practical tips

To pass this test in such a short time, adopt a few simple tips that will maximize your efficiency. First, focus on the image’s salient details, such as color, shape and size of elements.

The polar bear, penguins and penguins are the protagonists, so pay attention to their arrangement on the iceberg.

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Next, use a quick scan approach rather than scrutinizing every square inch of the image. Look for anomalies or elements that stand out immediately. The speed of your analysis is crucial.

The solution

The answer lies in the fact that these iconic species – polar bears, penguins and penguins – don’t naturally cohabit in the same place. Polar bears live in the northern hemisphere, whereas penguins and penguins reside in the southern hemisphere.


Well done to those who found the answer. You have shown remarkable insight! You’re good observers and at the same time very cultured! Your intelligence shone through.

For those who didn’t discover this solution, don’t be discouraged. This challenge was an exercise to stimulate your critical thinking and strengthen your cognitive skills.

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Continue to nurture your curiosity and hone your powers of observation. The road to improvement begins with the willingness to engage in intellectual testing. Well done to all!

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