Visual test: What’s wrong with this picture? Find the answer in under 15 seconds!


Puzzles, far from being trivial, reveal profound aspects of our brain’s workings and pre-established beliefs.

It’s fascinating to realize just how misleading our minds can sometimes be. Our impulsive thoughts can lead us to draw conclusions that are often far removed from reality.

Riddles are particularly interesting in this context. They are a good way to sharpen our logic, train our reasoning faculties and hone our powers of observation.

Here then a visual challenge like no other. Can you solve it? Get ready for adventure! We’re off!

How does the challenge work?

At this visual enigma, you’ll be testing both your vision and your speed of thought. You’ll have to look at an image and discover the error in less than 15 seconds.

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The picture shows a man and a woman cooking. One is in the kitchen and the other is barbecuing outside.

Your mission is to find out where the anomaly is hiding. This is an easy test for trained eyes, but it can be complex for novices. Think calmly, breathe deeply and don’t rush!


A few practical tips

Where’s the mistake hiding? Here are a few tips to get you started.

First of all, take a close look at the picture as a whole. Look at every detail, whether in the room or in the garden.

Next, assess the consistency of the two people’s actions. For example, check whether the induction hob used by the man is switched on.

Similarly, consider whether the weather is favorable for the woman in the garden.

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By observing these elements carefully, you’ll be better able to spot any inconsistencies in the scene.

The answer

It’s time to reward your efforts. Here’s the solution.

If you’ve looked closely at the picture, you’ll have noticed that in fact, the ignition button on the induction hob is pointed to the red. This means that the plate is not lit, yet the young man is quietly preparing his meal. This is where the mistake lies.


Have you found the answer? Congratulations! You’re very perceptive. However, if you missed this detail, don’t worry! All great geniuses had to start somewhere.

More riddles

Would you like to try again? Don’t hesitate to try this test again, or others. We’ve put together a range of challenges ideal for young and old alike to pass the time in a fun way.

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