Visual test: Where’s the different ice cream? You’ve got less than 20 seconds to find the answer!


Visual tests play a crucial role in stimulating the brain. They effectively sharpen cognitive skills.

These challenges require sustained attention. They encourage the brain to process detailed information and discern specific things.

Precisely, this visual test is perfect for training. Thanks to the complexity of the image in question, your sense of observation will be put to the test. The challenge will push the limits of your reasoning, and you’ll reap the rewards.

How does the challenge work?

Here’s a tantalizing picture filled with mouth-watering ice cream. All these ice cream horns look alike, but one of them has special characteristics that set it apart from the others. Your mission is to identify this different ice cream.

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You have less than 20 seconds to find the right answer. Look for clues that make this ice cream unique.


This is a visual adventure where your powers of observation will be sorely tested. Once you’ve found the dish that stands out, you’ve met the challenge.

Some practical tips

To pass this test with flying colors, here are a few practical tips to sharpen your ability to spot details and discover the exceptional dish.

First of all, adopt a methodical approach by examining each ice cream horn one by one. Meticulously scrutinize shapes, colors and textures.

Secondly, compare them with each other to spot any differences that might guide you towards the unique choice. Don’t hesitate to use visual cues, such as patterns or arrangements, to make your task easier.

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Third, consider unusual elements. Sometimes it’s the small imperfection or special touch that makes an ice cream special. Use your instinct and creativity to spot these unique features.

Finally, don’t rush. Take your time to analyze the image without stress. Patience reveals details that might be missed by rushing. By following these tips, you’ll be ready to discover the exceptional dish with confidence and success.

The solution

Well done to all those who found the different ice cream! Note that it’s in the center of the picture. To find it, look carefully and you’ll discover that the position of the ice cream scoops is different from the others.

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For those who haven’t yet succeeded, don’t be discouraged. Practicing visual tests will improve your ability to perceive details.

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Keep honing your skills. The more challenges you solve, the better you’ll become.

More puzzles

During this visual adventure, you’ll have acquired more observation skills. To go even further, try your hand at other puzzles of this kind. Discover surprising details and continue to develop your critical thinking skills.

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