Visual test: Who owns which suitcase? Can you identify the owners in under 15 seconds?


For a very long timevisual puzzles have been an important part of human culture. They are fascinating and stimulate our creativity.

Riddles test our intelligence, ingenuity and insight. Some are easy, like the ones children like to solve, while others are highly complex and require great attention to detail to unravel.

These brain activities have been passed down from generation to generation and are much more than just intellectual games. They show how humans can overcome challenges, which fuels our curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

How does the challenge work?

In the picture, three people are standing in front of three suitcases that look alike. There are two women, one of whom is holding an adorable dog, and one man. Each suitcase has an owner among these individuals.

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The challenge is simple: in under 15 seconds, you have to guess who the suitcases belong to, based on clues such as the people’s clothes or even the dog!

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Once the time’s up, we’ll discover the correct answers together. It’s a fun game that tests your observation and thinking skills!

Practical tips

Look closely at the clothes of the people in the picture. They can give clues about each person’s personality or lifestyle, which can help determine the owner of each suitcase.

Accessories such as handbags, glasses, jewelry or even the dog can also provide clues to the identity of the suitcase owners.

Observe how each person stands or interacts with the others in the image.

Your first impression or intuition is often the right one. Don’t underestimate your ability to detect important details even in a short space of time.

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The answer

Without further ado, here’s the answer.

The suitcase with the scratches is attributed to the woman accompanied by her dog. Indeed, these marks suggest regular and perhaps somewhat tumultuous use. They refer to the active lifestyle of a person with a pet.

The tagged suitcase is logically associated with man. The label seems more formal and professional. It corresponds to business or work travel.


Have you found the solution? Congratulations, you’re really very clever.

More puzzles

Did you enjoy this test? You can redo it as many times as you like, or discover other riddles.

Our diverse selection of visual challenges is designed to satisfy both children and adults in search of intellectual entertainment.

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