Visual test: You have 10 seconds to find the error in this image! Can you do it?


You’ll be able to decipher unsuspected details in your daily life and discover facts you’d never noticed before.

This test has been specially designed to improve your intelligence. It will enable you to see beyond the obvious and explore the hidden richness in every moment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen your mind and rediscover the world around you.

How does the challenge work?

At this test of observation, you’ll set your eyes on an intriguing image depicting a vampire shaving in front of a mirror, wearing a mysterious smile.

Your mission is to detect the anomaly in this scene in less than 10 seconds.


Examine every detail of the vampire and its environment. This test requires concentration to spot the hidden error. Every second counts, as the speed of your perception is the key to success.

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Are you ready to look beyond the obvious, and rise to the challenge? this challenge? Let’s get started!

A few practical tips

To solve this visual puzzle, you need to be able to observe quickly and be methodical.

In less than 10 seconds, focus on every detail of the picture. Develop a visual strategy by scanning the picture from top to bottom, examining each element with rapt attention.

Keep your mind open and adopt a systematic approach. Start by scrutinizing the vampire’s face, expression, surrounding objects and mirror. Anomalies may lurk in proportions, unexpected reflections or offbeat elements.

Avoid dwelling too long on any one aspect, as speed is of the essence. Focus your attention effectively to spot the error as quickly as possible.

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Regular practice of this type of exercise will strengthen your observation skills and enable you to successfully complete the challenge in under 10 seconds. Now it’s your turn!

The solution

Well done to everyone who solved this visual puzzle! You’ve shown remarkable insight. Your quick thinking and ability to spot details are a testament to your agility. Indeed, the answer is : the vampire shouldn’t have a reflection in the mirror.


If you haven’t identified this anomaly yet, don’t be discouraged! Participation is the key. Keep refining your observation skills, as each attempt strengthens your ability.

It’s also worth noting that a vampire’s lack of reflection is an emblematic element of folklore. It’s a detail culturally rooted in the collective imagination.

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