Visual test: You only have 10 seconds to pass this test. Can you do it?


Today, we’re going to present you with a unique challenge, a test a complex visual test that has scared off more than one person.

This test will put your brain through its paces. It requires concentration, speed and intelligence. Do you have all these skills?

Then take up our challenge and prove to us that you’re the best!

How does the challenge work?

So you’ve accepted the challenge! Good, then here are the rules of the game: to pass this challenge, you must first observe a complex image. It’s filled with the number 09.

And yet…

In this chaotic tumult of numbers, the number 89 is discreetly hiding. Your role is obvious: find this intruder.

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Easy you say? Well, think again, because you’ll only have 10 seconds to search for it before announcing its location.

Designed to hone your observation skills, this test requires concentration and careful analysis.

Every detail counts, every second is precious. This is your chance to demonstrate your mental agility and perceptiveness!

Show us what you can do!

Why does the brain have trouble finding the number 89 among the number 09 in this test?

The brain may have difficulty discovering the number 89 in this stream of numbers because of a cognitive phenomenon called “salience”. This concept refers to the brain’s tendency to first detect familiar patterns or salient elements in a complex environment. In this case, the number 09 is repeated. It creates a recurrence that can predominantly capture the brain’s attention.

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The brain will be tempted to look for familiar patterns, and harping on the number 09 provokes an implicit expectation for this visual pattern. As a result, the number 89, although unique in this context, may be overlooked or passed over because of the emphasis on the recurrence of 09.

This underlines the importance of concentration when solving the test. Awareness of prominence can help overcome common perceptions and improve performance in tasks requiring careful observation.

The solution

Time to announce the result. Have you seen the number 89? Congratulations! This discovery proves that you are exceptional. You have a rare cerebral capacity. Few people have managed to find the answer, but you’re one of the 5% who have! Congratulations!

However, for those who haven’t yet seen the figure to look for, this illustrates the complexity of the task. Indeed, failure doesn’t mean you’re mediocre, it’s the test that’s difficult. Practice harder to reach the top.

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The exact location of the answer is revealed in the image below.

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