Logic challenge: Boost your IQ by finding the 3-digit code in under 25 seconds!


Puzzles and riddles are stimulating activities that call on our logic and deductive skills. Today, the challenge is to find the code, a mysterious sequence of 3 numbers.

The clue to deciphering this puzzle is hidden in an intriguing image featuring four incorrect combinations, each subtly revealing part of the solution.

These tests of ingenuity are not just an exciting pastime; they sharpen the mind and improve concentration.

With the advent of social networking, these challenges have multiplied, becoming viral phenomena that bring Internet users together around common challenges. So, are you ready to analyze the clues and find the code?

Logic challenge: boost your IQ by finding the 3-digit code in under 25 seconds!

Challenge rules: Find the 3-digit code

To successfully complete this challenge, careful observation and sustained concentration are essential. The aim is to find the correct 3-digit code.

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With each attempt, a set of colored dots will inform you about the validity of the proposed digits.

A white dot will indicate that a digit used does not belong to the secret code. A yellow dot will reveal the presence of a correct but misplaced digit. Last but not least, a green dot will confirm the correctness and location of a number.

Careful interpretation of these clues is crucial to progress towards the solution. This puzzle is rated at medium level, as shown by the difficulty slider in the image accompanying the game. Patience and logic will be your best allies in deciphering this mysterious code.

Warning! Colored dots do not follow a predetermined order! You have 25 seconds to decrypt the code or successfully complete the challenge.

Be sure to analyze the clues carefully and plan your strategy before you start submitting your attempts. Good luck!

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To solve today’s puzzle, it’s essential to exercise your logical mind. Like a muscle, your brain needs training to become stronger and more capable of solving complex problems.

Regular practice of logic not only improves your ability to decipher riddles, but also sharpens your reasoning in everyday life.

By confronting your mind with regular challenges, you stimulate neuroplasticity, promoting better memory and more agile thinking. So immerse yourself in the puzzle, get those neurons working and discover the code! Your brain will thank you.

Patience is often rewarded, and for the clever minds with us today, it’s time for a revelation.

The denouement in color

Our warmest congratulations to those who were able to solve this mystery in less than 25 seconds. Your insight and quick thinking are truly impressive.

Keep sharpening your powers of observation, and meet our future challenges with the same zeal!

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Observe carefully: the numbers needed to decipher our riddle are tinted in a palette of bright colors. Those with a good eye will certainly be able to identify them with ease.

The code to find is: 560


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