Visual test: a Christmas like no other! Find the mistake hidden in this picture!


Who doesn’t love Christmas? It’s a holiday synonymous with gifts, reunions and good times with loved ones.

The visual test The visual test below will stimulate your brain while immersing you in a unique atmosphere. The aim is to have fun while making progress.

Beware, however. Few people have managed to find the answer. This test puts your intellectual faculties to the test. If you pass, you’ll be ranked among the best. So, are you ready? We’re off!

How does the challenge work?

At this challengeyou’ll need to be patient and perceptive in identifying the anomaly in this image.

The picture shows a well-decorated Christmas tree next to a fireplace. The presents are neatly arranged on the floor, just waiting to be opened.

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Yet, this illustration conceals an obvious error that only the cleverest will be able to find.

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Don’t rush. There’s no timer to follow. Take your time to understand the scene. That’s how you’ll win this challenge!

Practical tips

To solve this problem, you first need to make yourself comfortable. Put yourself in a quiet place, as concentration is essential for this test.

Next, look carefully at the image. Don’t overlook any nooks and crannies, as the anomaly could be hiding in unlikely areas.

Consider the context. There’s a Christmas tree, well decorated and illuminated. Study the accessories on the tree one by one.

Don’t focus all your attention on the obvious. The difficulty of this challenge lies precisely in the small details, such as the balls, the fire, the plug and so on.

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The solution

At first glance, this image looks perfectly normal. However, if you examine it with a magnifying glass, you’ll notice that the plug is not connected. So what powers the garlands?

This was the mistake to discover. Look at the image below to reveal the answer.

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Easy? Difficult? To each his own. However, this challenge was not for everyone. You had to have well-trained eyes to find this anomaly. So, congratulations to the winners!

More puzzles

To help you progress, the site offers a wide range of visual tests for all ages. These exercises are specially designed to hone your cognitive skills, perfect your visual acuity and strengthen your concentration.

Doing them with friends adds a friendly touch to the challenge, creating an atmosphere conducive to learning.

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These visual challenges are a fun way to improve your mental skills while enjoying a rewarding social experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to stimulate your mind.

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